• Welding – Sculpting Precision in Every Joint
  • Race Car Fabrication
  • Water Jet Cutting Service
  • Full Tube Chassis Kit
  • Custom Roll Cage
  • Full Custom Turbo System
  • Custom Exhaust System
  • Race Car Sheet Metal
  • Carbon Fiber Race Car Interior
Welding service

Welding – Sculpting Precision in Every Joint

At Red Eye Racecars, get a specialized welding service for cars and other forms of manufacturing. Our team has expertise in metal fabrication and offers flawless welding for automation, heavy equipment, and many more.

The welding process involves the joining of two unconnected metal parts into a desired metal piece using heat and pressure. Our experience in the field has expanded our welding capabilities into manufacturing, repairing, and maintenance operations for automobiles and industrial parts.

We strive for quality assurance in our welding services and ensure the tailored parts or products we fabricate for a purpose are sturdier and of superior quality. Our experienced metal welders are fully trained and equipped with the latest techniques and proudly serve a wide range of industries.

Our customized welder services, provided by trained welders, transform any metal into a desired shape using the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding method.

With state-of-the-art tools in our advanced manufacturing unit, our welders do multi-purpose welding involving widespread materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and other alloys.

What We Do?

Red Eye Racecars is dedicated to providing welding services with experienced workmanship and delivering specialty parts for sports cars, passenger cars, machinery, construction, and so on.

Our metal welders are experienced, and trained to offer the service of welding assuring various aspects of safety. We employ the latest technology for our weld services which help us deliver the final products perfectly tailored to customers’ expectations and right on time.

We provide our welding service complying with the industry standards and regulations, our quality inspectors assure that each of our welded and manufactured items is durable, consistent, and safe to use.

Being specialized in production welding services, we are capable of welding parts of a wide range of metals:

  • Carbon Steel:

There are different types of steel subtypes called carbon steel, and have different elemental compositions. Depending on the specific percentage of carbon present in them, they require a specific welding process. For instance, low-carbon mild steel is the most weldable metal available because it’s composed of very few elements.

  • Stainless Steel:

As it contains Chromium, stainless steel has supreme heat resistance but also retains heat. This makes the welding process a little challenging for them while preventing warping or irregularities on the surface. For this reason, metal welders need to build parts of stainless steel with more precision, expertise, and speed.

  • Aluminum:

Aluminum does not corrode easily and is much lighter in weight, compared to any other metals. However, it is a good conductor of heat and melts at the slightest increase in temperature. This is the reason the TIG welding technique is best suited for welding aluminum.

Different materials respond to heat in different ways due to their specific tensile strength, melting point, heat conducting capacity, and level of ductility.

Our well-trained welders of sheet metal have in-depth knowledge of various materials, their properties, and limitations. They ensure to use the befitting welding technique to get the best possible results.

Our Customized TIG Welding Services

The team of metal welders at Red Eye Racecars is a pioneer in TIG welding, which is slower but a more accurate process, convenient for joining difficult-to-join metal parts or surfaces. We apply TIG welding for fabricating parts in general automotive, race cars, process piping, machinery, and aerospace applications.

Our avant-garde TIG welding services assure the following benefits:

  • Versatility:

We weld diverse materials and serve across a wide range of industries, building automotive and machine parts of different types.

  • Durability:

Our metal welders utilize intricate techniques with ultimate precision and dexterity to ensure the welding of two surfaces that create an ever-lasting bond.

  • Strength:

We weld surfaces with so much perfection that it creates sturdier joints with long-lasting integrity than other joined parts.

  • Cost-Efficiency:

Our experienced sheet metal welders’ service ensures the creation of welds cost-effectively without compromising on the quality of the parts. We handle most of our welding assignments quicker by using advanced techniques, which further reduces our manufacturing costs.

Why Choose Red Eye Racecars For Welding Service?

Red Eye Racecars, a one-stop shop for all racing car manufacturing needs is also a dedicated welding services provider. Our adroit team of metal welders employs cutting-edge techniques to weld a variety of materials to engineer custom parts for automobiles and other industrial applications.

Having years of experience in the field of automobile manufacturing, we inherently gathered expertise in the welding process and metal fabrication. Our welders have the understanding to apply the appropriate technique for welding ensuring the permanence and long-lasting bond of the fabricated product.

What makes us an industry-leading welding service provider?

  • Experienced Team of Metal Welders:

We take pride in our well-trained team of welders. They are committed to providing welding services with top-notch
precision adhering to industry standards.

  • Services Diverse Industry Needs:

Our team handles welding projects of all types and sizes in diverse industries ensuring 100% satisfaction of clients. We are capable of serving the metal fabrication needs of industries, including automobile, aerospace, energy, military, and manufacturing.

  • Quality Services:

We utilize the latest technologies and tools that help us fabricate and deliver the welded products faster while maintaining unparalleled quality and integrity.

To get the highest-quality welding service for fabricating parts of racing cars and other industrial products, contact the team of Red Eye Racecars today! Share your requirements with our team, and we will get your custom part or product requirement welded in no time.

With hands-on experience in diverse metal fabrication operations, we ensure 100% accuracy and efficiency in our welding work. Reach us to experience our matchless welding capabilities!

Race car fabrication

Race Car Fabrication

Red Eye Racecars offers pioneering race car customization with its excellent design and fabrication services. Our experienced team is well-regarded for amazing race car fabrication with ingenious assembling, preparation, and workmanship.

With inherent engineering skills and creative ideas, we have been creating flawless and efficient race cars tailored to the user’s specifications. Our custom car fabrication services open doors to the electrifying world of motorsports and allows you to build an unstoppable career!

Get cutting-edge custom development of race cars to pursue your role as a sports car racer or a passionate driver.

What We Do?

We do custom race car sheet metal work to build ultra-modern and sleek race cars that capture everyone’s attention while on the race track.Our automobile engineers and designers have honed their skills with time and now offer a wide range of custom automotive fabrication services.

Our race car fabrication services include:

  • Roll cages

At Red Eye Racecars, we have years of experience in roll cage fabrication and offer custom roll cages that perfectly fit the interiors of the cars. With full-scale TIG welding and tube notching equipment, we ensure that all the joints of the roll cages are correctly notched.

We build roll cages no matter what the custom requirements of your sports car are in mild steel, 4130 Chrome-moly, Docol, or any other sturdy material you want.

  • Space frame chassis

Our custom car fabrication services include car fabrication of space frame chassis for applications in diverse racing. Our expert race car fabricators use a range of materials for making chassis for suitable applications, including mild steel, chrome-moly, etc.

Our adept craftsmen use TIG welding on the surface plates or chassis jigs for extraordinary quality and precision.

  • Sheet metal

Red Eye Racecars also specializes in creating flat sheets of specific metal, which helps to manufacture various parts or components for race cars.

Using sheet metal, we craft a range of parts for race car fabrication, including wheel tubs, fuel tanks, bodywork, interior panels, and various aerodynamic parts such as wings or spoilers.

  • Part Kits

As an industry-leading race car fabrication service provider, we manufacture almost all parts of the cars, from sets of tubes to brackets and fittings. Our expert car fabricators also do pre-formed panels that are useful for creating wheel tubs.

If you need custom-built fittings for your drag racing car, we will build its flawless front and rear suspension parts.

  • Composites

Our experienced car engineers are capable of manufacturing composite elements for racing cars using carbon fiber, fiberglass, and carbon.

If you have any requirements for your sports car, such as chassis components, aerodynamic panels, and protection covers for additional safety, our trained car fabricators will build that for you.

Why Choose Red Eye Racecars for Car Fabrication?

At Red Eye Racecars, we are more than a race car manufacturer. We customize outstanding structures and parts to build perfect race cars that draw attention and outperform others in drag racing.

Our exceptional team and their excellent craftsmanship in automobile engineering helped us become an industry-leading race car manufacturer.

See what makes Red Eye Racecars your best partner for custom race car fabrication.

  • Expertise and Experience:

We have gathered experience in custom race car fabrication over all these years. Our proficient fabricators use their expertise and skills to craft avant-garde components or parts that make race cars stand out.

  • Cutting-edge Technology:

Our trained automotive fabricators have an in-depth understanding of custom car fabrication and use only state-of-the-art technologies to craft parts or components for racing cars.

  • Fully Customized Fabrication:

With incredible workmanship, our car fabricators tailor-make performance sports cars specific to your requirements and preferences.

  • Proven-track Record:

Take a look at the range of cars we fabricated all these years, which achieved notable performance on track. Our cars enable our clients to achieve triumphs or victories effortlessly while creating an everlasting impression on others.

  • Competitive Pricing:

We assure highly competitive pricing models for our race car fabrication services without compromising on the quality of materials and offering value in terms of performance.

  • Extensive Services:

From custom fabrication of core racing car parts to additional fittings and services of maintenance and upgrades, our team assists in everything.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you looking for a first-rate race car that gives you a winning performance whenever you are on track? Get in touch with Red Eye Racecars! We offer dedicated race car fabrication services to build fast-performing cars that create history on the tracks!

Our automobile designers and engineers have hands-on experience in race car manufacturing and cater to all types of fabrication needs, including roll cages, chassis frames and components, sheet metal, etc.

With Red Eye Racecars, pursue your dream of becoming a drag racer with the most incredible sports car custom-made for you! Share your ideal race car concept and fabrication needs. We will engineer and craft it focusing on performance, functionality, and safety.

Contact our passionate team of race car fabricators and collaborate to build a fabulous high-performance race car!

Water Jet Cutting Service

Waterjet cutting is an advanced mechanical process used to cut materials with physical contact and consistent high pressure. Highly different from another cutting process, this one is a cold cutting process, involving no heat at all.

At Red Eye Racecars get the most advanced and efficient waterjet cutting service with MAXIEM 1530. Maxiem 1530 Waterjet is a trailblazing cutting machine known today as useful for all types of industrial applications, from prototype development to full-scale development of machinery.

Our premium-grade waterjet cutting machine cuts metal and plastic parts neatly with high-pressure steam and abrasive technique. We offer a cost-effective cutting solution for industrial manufacturing no matter what parts or prototypes of race cars you need.

Abrasive Water jet Cutting with Omax MAXIEM 1530

Our race car builders provide unmatched waterjet cutting services with the help of the top-notch cutting machine, MAXIEM 1530. Backed by standard features and avant-garde control type, this waterjet machine is a revolutionary invention in manufacturing.

It helps us cut into materials of any size, shape, type, or thickness providing a superior finish to build sports car parts. With it, we ensure cut to perfection with extra precision and fineness to craft high-quality parts of race cars.

Get our custom waterjet cutting service for any race car manufacturing needs as it has many advantages over other methods! While the versatility of MAXIEM 1530 enables cutting of any material of any thickness up to 12 inches, our expertise ensures failsafe cutting with quality and fineness.

Our abrasive water jet cutting service leaves no heat-affected zones or burrs on the metal sheets while ensuring a low cost of manufacturing and a greater volume of production.

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting Service with MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet

Whether you need a prototype part car or original parts for the full-scale development of your dream sports car, we are here to create intricate high-quality parts quickly and niftily. Due to its dexterity, abrasive waterjet cutting service is widely used in all sectors including general manufacturing, automobile, and aerospace manufacturing.

Key benefits of MAXIEM waterjet cutting machine that make it our top choice for race car manufacturing.

  • Cuts through a wide range of materials, including solid metals and composites regardless of their thickness.
  • Tested and ensured not to cause mechanical stress or heated zones during and after operations.
  • No adjustments in the tools and minimal fixturing required, which results in a reduction of setup time.
  • Convenient storage drawers with a controller that allows the storage of necessary tools and spare parts adjacent to the machine that does not affect the uptime.
  • Use of a lesser amount of cooling water, which is better than the various options of hydraulic intensifier pumps.
  • Lesser space consumption due to the small size of the machine.
  • Reduced electricity consumption compared to any other pump machines, which ensures cost savings in your industrial operations.
  • Cutting results in silky-smooth and sleek edges, which eliminates the additional task of finishing the metal parts.
  • Does not release any fumes or toxic smoke, during the cutting operations as it does not liquids, gas, or oil for operating. This makes MAXIEM waterjet an environmentally ‘green’ waterjet cutting machine.

Our Maxiem Waterjet Machine Specifications

Built-in 2009, the MAXIEM waterjet cutting machine cuts all types of materials, including plastics, metal, glass, stones, and ceramics. Being a top-level cutting device, it has specifications and components that in combination with technology guarantee efficient and effortless cutting of materials.

It cuts parts of both brittle and ultra-hard materials with fineness with a maximum length of 3000 mm, a breadth of 1500 mm, and a width of 200 mm. It has a high-pressure and high-power pump that allows faster cutting, which eventually helps in increasing production levels while reducing the costs of operations.

Here are its key specifications:

  • Technology: Abrasive waterjet
  • Electrical requirements: 3-phase, 380-480 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz
  • Repeatability: ±0.002″ (±0.051 mm)
  • Speed: 500 in/min (12,700 mm/min)
  • Configuration: 3-Axis
  • X-Y Cutting Travel: 10’0” x 5’2” (3,048 mm x 1,575 mm)
  • Z-Axis Travel: 12” (305 mm)
  • Table Size: 12’2” x 5’8” (3,708 mm x 1,727 mm)
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 1465 kg/m2
  • Maximum workpiece thickness: 200 mm
  • Pump power: 22 kW (30 hp)
  • Maximum pump pressure: 3800 bar
  • File format: .dxf
  • Man-hours: 14101 h
  • Power: 32.7 kva
  • Power supply: 3x 380 v; 50 Hz
  • Software: OMAX Intelli-MAX
  • Crank pump: MAXIEM M30

What Materials Can MAXIEM Waterjet Cut?

With MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet, we cut a wide range of metals flawlessly, including aluminum, brass, and carbon steel for building exceptional parts of race cars. Being a versatile abrasive water jet machining tool, it also cuts through exotic materials like Titanium, Magnesium, and carbon for manufacturing custom-engineered parts of high-performance cars.

By cutting with a MAXIEM water jet cutting machine, we ensure producing smoothest edges of the metal parts with no burns, heat-affected zones, cracks, or crooks anywhere.

Materials that this cutting-edge and abrasive waterjet machine cuts through are:


The most cut metal by MAXIEM 1530 is aluminum because it’s the most used material in industrial applications. Aluminum is hard and durable, making it a demanding material for manufacturing but at the same time, it is hard to cut. For clean and quick cutting of aluminum with intricate patterns and seamless designs, our water jet cutting machine is the best option.


We cut brass metal using an abrasive waterjet cutting process with MAXIEM 1530 without causing any thermal distortion. It results in polished brass surfaces with superior-quality edges, which are not assured by laser cutting or other methods.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron is used for engineering parts of high-speed cars because of its unbeatable durability and strength compared to stainless steel. Using the abrasive waterjet cutting technology of MAXIEM 1530, we construct complex parts out of carbon steel quickly without altering their quality.


The reflectivity property of copper makes it difficult to cut and build parts for sports car manufacturing with laser-cutting or other popular cutting technology. However, that’s not an issue with MAXIEM 1530. We provide intrinsic water jet cutting service with it and build tough internal or external components of sports cars with copper, including  tube chassis kit and engine.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is also one of the toughest metals, especially 304, which is extremely difficult to cut with machines using heat or any other technology. However, due to its exemplary properties, including high-end durability, they are used for manufacturing several parts including exhaust systems, brake lines, and fuel tanks.

Using the MAXIEM abrasive waterjet cutting machine, we dexterously cut through stainless steel to build essential parts of cars with precision.


It’s one of the exotic metals used for manufacturing prime parts of the combustion engine of sports cars, such as valves, springs, and retainers. Titanium is used because of its excellent property of resistance to corrosion and oxidation which increases the shelf life of the parts.

Being an incredibly hard metal, it cannot be cut through general methods like flame cutting or laser cutting. We use MAXIEM 1530 to smoothly cut Titanium to build combustion engine parts without causing any embrittlement or distortion.

Why Choose Red Eye Racecars for Maxiem 1530 Water Jet Cutting?

Maxiem Waterjet, an advanced abrasive water jet machine, is capable of cutting anything up to 12 inches thick. We provide custom water jet cutting services to build specialized parts of sports cars made of composite materials, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and many more.

At Red Eye Racecars, we leverage the power of a world-class MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet machine to ensure faster, seamless, and precise cutting for a range of metals for sports car manufacturing. It comes with a modern digital linear encoder that provides on-spot one-micron resolution feedback to the controller system, assuring it knows where exactly the cutting head is while in operation.

If you need building metal precision parts for your futuristic high-performance race car, look no further than Red Eye Racecars.

High-end custom waterjet cutting of parts

Our race car specialists and manufacturers build fundamental parts of race cars using the premium-grade abrasive waterjet cutting machine. We cut and build parts out of composite materials with absolute precision, ensuring no HAZ (heat-affected zone, super edge quality, and no burr.

Easy ordering of custom waterjet cutting parts

Ordering a custom waterjet cutting part is pretty easy with us! Reach our team, discuss the part you need to build and the designs you want, select your materials, and get an instant quote from our team. Our car experts and engineers start working on it soon and will get it delivered in a quick turnaround time.

Endless options for custom waterjet cutting services

Using the MAXIEM abrasive waterjet cutting machine, we managed to make our processes faster and more efficient. From preparing material blanks with near-net shapes to rapid prototyping of parts and manufacture of end-use parts like brackets and fixtures, we take on all types of custom manufacturing jobs for sports cars.

Proven and efficient process of product manufacturing

From choosing the right materials and finishes to applying a more precise waterjet cutting process, we ensure everything to build turnkey components or parts for your car.

Red Eye Racecars offers cost-effective and state-of-the-art water jet cutting services, whether you need a custom part, a prototype, or a high-performance race car. Harnessing all the advantages of abrasive water jet machining technology, we will get your requirements fulfilled with superior quality and precision in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team today to share your requirements!

Full Tube Chassis Kit

Custom-Build your own tube chassis cars

It’s the dream of so many race car enthusiasts to build their own chassis from scratch. But when reality kicks in, they start thinking about where to start the process. Don’t keep your dreams sealed now! Red Eye Racecars manufactures a myriad of chassis kits to ease the entire procedure of building a tube chassis drag car.

There is no single-size-fits-all drag racing tube chassis if you want to be successful and stay safe. Therefore, starting the project with some definite goals and plans is super important. Having a perfectly-fit racing car will ensure your safety and better performance on the track. We have catalogs of full finest drag racing tube chassis kits and parts that can help you complete a build in a customized way.

Full Tube Chassis Kit – to win a race

If you want to win a race with ease, a car with sturdy structural support for the qualitative function is a must. Red Eye Racecars is the perfect place to get a full tube chassis kit for a winning match. All you need to do is give your best and leave the rest for us to handle.

Red Eye Racecars creates a full tube chassis kit after taking various things into account. With the help of our kit, you get a supercar with a strut or a-arm front suspension, a square tube chassis, and a ladder bar or four-link suspension system.

Chassis Kit Features

Every creature, whether animal or human, needs a skeleton to help it gain the correct size and shape, which elevate the right performance. Similarly, the world’s automobiles feature a skeleton-like framework known as a chassis to give them strength and form. Depending on the build, there are different tube chassis kits for racing cars.

You may have lots of confusion about the tube chassis kit car, and this is where we help you. The chassis is the foundation of a vehicle that has a transmission system, engine, suspension system, steering system, wheels, cooling system, brake system, etc. After proper analysis, our experience and skilled team recommend a kit that fits best for your car. We provide high-end rolling tube chassis kits for your racing car.

We promise our clients with-

  • Solid and high-quality
  • Full tube chassis kit that can build high-quality tube chassis cars, resistant to deformation
  • Utilization of superior quality metal for sturdy construction and top-notch performance.
  • Boost in the grip due to the weight.
  • Flawless form, design, and other details.

Custom Rolling Chassis: Engineered for Speed and Control

Experience the ultimate in speed and control with our custom rolling chassis, expertly engineered for performance. At Red Eye Racecars, we offer a wide range of options including tube chassis kits, tube chassis kit cars, and tube frame kit cars. Whether you’re looking for drag race tube chassis kits or DIY tube chassis kits, we have the perfect solution for you. Our complete chassis kits are designed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring optimal performance on the track. As a trusted name in the industry, Red Eye Racecars is your go-to source for all your race car needs, from race car frames to tube chassis cars and tube chassis race cars. Explore our drag race chassis kits and drag racing chassis kits, as well as our rolling tube chassis for sale. For those seeking square tube chassis kits or tube frame race cars, we have you covered. Our street legal tube chassis kit cars combine legality with high-performance capabilities. Don’t settle for anything less than the best—choose RedEye Racecars and turn your drag car tube chassis blueprints into reality.

Our Race Car Chassis Builders: Crafting Winning Machines

At Red Eye Racecars, we are expert race car chassis builders dedicated to crafting winning machines. Whether you need dirt race car chassis builders or dirt track race car chassis builders, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver superior performance. Based in Florida, our team of skilled professionals specializes in building high-quality chassis for drag race cars. Trust us to provide you with the precision and expertise needed to create a race car chassis that will give you a competitive edge. Choose Red Eye Racecars for top-notch race car chassis builders who know how to create winning machines.

Level-Up Your Racing Career!

We make it simple for you to equip your car tube chassis with professional-level components, either in kit form or fitted by our experienced chassis team, providing your race car an advantage over competitors. Look forward to swift solutions through our complete car tube chassis kits.

Trusted by many clients, our impressive team service and the finished result have helped us to redefine the racing car industry. Our comprehensive conventional and non-conventional chassis is sure to create positive ripples in your gaming quests.

Custom roll cages

Custom Roll Cage

Bespoke roll cages- fabrication & fitting

Having a custom roll cage fitted by Red Eye Racecars is similar to purchasing a custom suit. It’s because we consider our clients’ preferences to create a unique roll cage custom design. We take pride in our work, and we believe that it shines through in the number of repeat customers we get.

Red Eye Racecars builds world-class custom roll cage designs, fitting, and fabrication for all motorsport levels. We provide custom roll cage kit where our every cage is bespoke, perfectly fitted to the cars’ interiors, full TIG welded, and all joints aptly notched using specially designed tube notching equipment.

Unleash Your Racing Potential with Roll Cage Kit

We specialize in providing top-notch custom roll cage fabrication services. Whether you’re a professional racer or an avid car enthusiast, our team is dedicated to ensuring your safety on the track. We offer expertly crafted custom roll cage and roll bar for cars of all makes and models. Our skilled technicians meticulously design and construct each roll cage to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection. With our extensive experience in custom cage fabrication, we prioritize your safety and exceed industry standards. Choose Red Eye Race Cars for reliable and professional roll cage kits and safety cages in cars. Drive with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is equipped with a custom roll cage tailored to your needs.

Custom Rolling Chassis: building the Perfect Racing Foundation

We specialize in crafting custom rolling chassis that serves as the ideal racing foundation. Our expert team excels in designing and fabricating custom roll cages and roll bars for cars, ensuring the utmost safety and performance. Whether you need a custom roll cage for your car or a complete rolling chassis, our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantee top-notch results. With our extensive experience in custom cage fabrication and a focus on safety cages in cars, we offer reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Explore our range of roll cage kits and let us build the perfect racing foundation for your vehicle.

Custom Roll Cage: built for your Safety

Looking for world-class custom roll cage fabrication and fittings? Well, you have landed on the right page! We at Red Eye Racecars, provide you with comprehensive services that ensure your peace of mind during the game with the best roll cages for race cars. All you need to do is focus on winning, and building a roll cage race car becomes easier when you have a partner like us!

When it comes to car racing, safety becomes a top priority, and this is where roll cages are built to give exceptional protection. Our custom roll cages ensure that the occupants inside the cars do not end up injured due to an accident since all the joints are notched using an updated roll cage notching tool and other necessary tools from our custom roll cage kit, along with the help of custom rolling chassis. We have the experience, knowledge, and thorough expertise in custom roll cage fabrication for life-size hot wheels cars! You will find various shops to buy custom roll bars, but none will provide you with the result like us.

Roll Cage Kit for high-performance racing cars

Roll cage kit is an essential safety feature for high-performance racing cars, designed to protect the driver and passengers in case of an accident. Redeye Race Cars offer a wide selection of roll cage kits for various models of racing cars. Our roll cage kit is made from high-quality materials and is built to withstand the most extreme conditions. Whether you are a professional racer or a weekend warrior, our roll cage kits are the perfect upgrade for your racing car. We also offer custom roll cage designs to meet the specific needs of our customers. Trust Redeye Race Cars to keep you safe on the track.

Hence, discover our comprehensive selection of roll cage kit designed for various racing disciplines. From oval track roll cage kits to race car roll cage kits and drag racing roll cage kits, we have the perfect solution for your needs. Our universal roll cage kit ensures a precise fit and enhanced safety, while our bolt-in roll cage kits offer convenience and ease of installation. So choose Red Eye Racecars for top-quality roll cage kits that prioritize both performance and safety.

Technologies For Custom Roll Cage

To meet our customers’ requests, we have drastically improved every precision and fit for a custom race car cage with the use of advanced technologies including custom rolling chassis. Redeye Racecars pushes the limits with all its projects and uses the latest technology to ensure you get the most updated equipment for your racing car. No matter what your requirements are, we deliver the desired result from our finest custom roll cage shop.

Sturdy and Agile

Since racing cars require a lot of sturdiness and agility, our custom roll bars are created to resist significant abuse for the protection of your cars. With our strong understanding of roll cages for cars, specifically, race cars, we look into the details of the roll cages. You will appreciate the meticulous detailing when you use the car for the very first time. The fresh and unique custom roll cage car service of our expert team always impresses our clients. Look forward to a fine handcrafted solution from our side and have unparalleled fun ahead.

Variety and Swift Work

Your requirement may vary- whether you need 7.50 or 8.50, an 8-point or a 10-point custom cage, we have your back. Get in touch with our renowned roll cage custom installation shop, and we shall provide you with the best products and stellar services for our clients. Let us design a bespoke roll cage for you in a minimum time- whether it’s for a batch of cars or a single one.

Full Custom Turbo System

Whether you enjoy autocross, road racing, drag racing, street racing, or towing, Red Eye Racecars can design the ideal setup for your racecar. Additionally, we also accept challenging or “impossible” tasks that come our way.

At Red Eye Racecars, we use superior-quality custom turbo kits, genuine American components, engine management, and dyno tuning to ensure a durable result for our customers. We aim to build custom turbo kits that are of the best quality and are fitted with care so that our clients have peace of mind that they will receive a high-quality system.

The aftermarket performance sector has seen considerable growth in the popularity of rally car turbo kits and application-specific devices, focusing on how turbo kits work. As a result, there are now too many mediocre bolt-on turbo kits on the marketplace. You can ensure quality over quantity by using the Red Eye Racecars single turbo kit. Each kit is meticulously crafted to match your racecar. Bring your vehicle’s performance to a completely new level with a high-profile company like ours.

Accessories Included In A Full Race Turbo Kit

Selecting the appropriate full turbocharger race kit for your specific application can be an overwhelming task, and even more so when considering a complete full turbo kit. Although a kit may appear to simplify the process by bundling all necessary components, it may not align with your requirements or intended use. We will briefly name what a turbo kit includes for turbo drag racecars. But do your research before purchasing them, or it may cost you a lot more.

These are the main accessories that come in a full race turbo kit-

  • Turbocharger Intercooler
  • Turbo Manifold
  • Downpipe
  • Blow Off Valve
  • Cone Air Filter 
  • ECU Tune
  • Wastegates
  • Fuel Pump
  • MAF Sensor

You can shop for these parts from our store, which are updated and specially selected. If you have any inquiries, contact us, and our expert team can guide you at every step.  

Turbo Drag Cars And Its Staging Time

Staging is more than just rolling a car to the starting line and taking it off. Professional drag racers know that different tricks and techniques of staging help increase reaction time or elapsed time. Staging mainly consists of two kinds of techniques, shallow staging, and deep staging. If one masters these techniques, it becomes an amazing way to win the race more often. Having a premium quality custom turbo kit, and the right technique is the way to go. For performance-boosting turbo kits, get excellent race car parts from us and see the difference it makes in your racing spree.

Turbo Kits Boosts Performance

Buying a turbo kit is something you should think about if you’re looking to increase your car’s speed and overall performance. In essence, a turbocharger is an air generator powered by emissions. This is the case because the motor is essentially an air compressor. The quantity of air flowing into the cylinders has a direct impact on power production. Red Eye Racecars have the best-customized turbocharger kits for you. There is no compromise in the quality, leading to the finest results and an enjoyable time.

Here, we offer an extensive range of automotive turbo kits, including rally car turbo kits and full race turbo kits. Our custom turbo shop specializes in creating top-of-the-line turbo kits that deliver unparalleled power and performance.

With our custom turbo kits, you can take your vehicle to the next level. Whether you’re looking to boost the horsepower of your street car or dominate the race track, our turbo kits are designed to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team will work closely with you to create a custom turbo kit that perfectly matches your vehicle and performance goals.

If you’re wondering where to buy a turbo kit that ensures quality and reliability, RedEye Racecars is the answer. We pride ourselves on using only the finest materials and employing advanced engineering techniques to create custom turbo kits that exceed expectations. Plus, our boosted performance single turbo kit is designed to give your vehicle an impressive power boost.

Explore our selection of custom turbo kits & get in touch with us today and let our turbo experts guide you to the perfect turbo racer kit for your automotive ambitions. Upgrade your vehicle’s performance and experience the thrill of turbocharged power with RedEye Race Cars!

Full Race Ecoboost Turbo Kit – For High Performance

Unlock the true potential of your engine and experience an adrenaline-filled ride like never before with the ultimate in high performance with our Full Race EcoBoost Turbo Kit. Designed for maximum power and efficiency, this ecoboost turbo kit is engineered to take your vehicle to new heights. Enhance your driving experience and unleash the true potential of your engine with our top-of-the-line turbo kit. Explore our selection of Full Race Ecoboost Turbo Kits at Red Eye Racecars and maximize your vehicle’s power & performance.

Hence discover maximum power and performance with our full turbo kits, including the renowned full race eco boost turbo kit and full race eco boost twin turbo kit. Our custom turbo kits are meticulously designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability. Whether you’re looking for an automotive turbo kit or rally car turbo kits, we have you covered. Experience the thrill of enhanced horsepower and torque with our dyno-tested full race eco boost twin turbo kit. Upgrade your vehicle with our top-of-the-line turbo kits and dominate the road or track. Choose Red Eye Racecars for the ultimate turbocharging solutions.

Custom Turbo Kits For Race Cars

The large or small turbo kit is only as good as the parts that you use. Red Eye Racecars have delivered components and kits that provide boosted performance through its custom turbocharger kits. Our professional service is bound to increase the efficiency of your racecars by manifolds. The line of wastegates, boost controllers, and blow-off valves is unrivaled. With competitive rates, our clients have been satisfied with the result, after which their racing careers steadily increased. Our experienced staff has served in every aspect of the professional racing industry and street-driven applications.

Find custom turbo kits that have high-quality parts for race cars that create a definitive impact on your career.

You Deserve The Best!

The drive to have the best materials for your car can create a huge difference in the way you perform in your race. If you choose to buy cheap products, they are likely unreliable, costing you your racing tournaments. Reach your goals easily through our well-built, full-race eco-boost custom turbo kits for a splendid performance. After all, your racing competition is our responsibility as well. There will be no other like us.

Custom Exhaust System

Want to feel the adrenaline rush after winning a good race? You can achieve them by simply using our high-quality custom exhaust system for your hot wheels. They are dependable and worth the try, for your upcoming tournaments.

One of the greatest methods to improve the sound and efficiency of your racecars is to upgrade the exhaust system. You can even get a bespoke custom exhaust system kit. Some clients prefer tailor-made exhaust systems without mufflers with just straight pipes. This usually maximizes the sound and flow of the racecars. Red Eye Racecars provides a variety of sports exhaust systems from various manufacturers. We offer several exhaust system parts to help you get your preferred system, from mild to wild exhaust depending on your expected performance.

So, upgrade your vehicle’s performance with a customized exhaust system from Redeye Racecars. Our performance exhaust systems are designed to optimize airflow, reduce backpressure, and enhance your engine’s horsepower and torque. With our tailored exhaust systems, you can unlock your car’s full potential and enjoy an exhilarating driving experience. Trust Red Eye Racecars to help you maximize your car’s power and take your driving to the next level.

Primary Types Of Exhaust Systems

Before installing a custom kit, you need to know the key types of performance racing exhaust systems.

  • Header-Back Exhaust System: It enlarges the diameter of the exhaust system for letting the release of a greater volume of gas. This type of exhaust replaces the entire exhaust system, from the header collector to the tailpipes and that’s why they are a bit expensive.
  • Cat-Back Exhaust System: This system just replaces the elements present in the catalytic converter including the tailpipe and the drag racing muffler. Depending on the vehicle model, this type of system can be built as X-pipe, H-pipe, or a Y-pipe.
  • Axle-Back Exhaust System: This system covers components that include everything from the rear axle to the exhaust tip. The peculiarity of this type is that it ensures more power gains. Besides, they are easy to install and provide a performance exhaust sound that most drag racers wish for their cars while driving on the track.
  • Single Exhaust System: The most common of all types is the single exhaust system. It includes a sole set of exhaust components, such as a muffler and exhaust tip. They provide a terrific performance upgrade owing to their larger pipe diameter.
  • Dual Exhaust System: It comes after the single exhaust system in terms of popularity in the world of sports cars. As the name suggests, it features two pipes, each running between the header and the exhaust tip.

Components Of A Race Car Exhaust System

Our exhaust systems are expertly crafted using high-quality components to optimize airflow and reduce backpressure, resulting in improved horsepower and torque. Trust us to deliver a top-of-the-line racing exhaust system that meets your specific performance needs. Thereby, choose Red Eye Racecar’s custom racing exhaust system & maximize your racecar’s performance.

So if you are planning to get a custom race car exhaust system to upgrade your car’s performance on the track, learn about the prerequisite components that it’s made of.

  • Exhaust manifold or header: It’s the primary component of the racing exhaust systems which is also the first point of contact for the exhaust gases once they leave the cylinder head. It is an advanced item of the exhaust kit that is used in place of tubular headers. The exhaust manifold is used for increasing the piping diameter.
  • Exhaust Pipe: The various parts of the exhaust system are connected through this pipe. It is responsible for carrying the gases through the system to make it function seamlessly.
  • Oxygen Sensor: This vital part of the race car exhaust system is attached to the exhaust manifold. It is needed to measure the amount of oxygen absorbed within the exhaust and accordingly reduce or increase the fuel.
  • CatalyticConverter: This makes your race car exhaust kit environment-friendly as it converts the harmful gases of the engine into water vapor and carbon dioxide.
  • Muffler: Race car mufflers silence the race cars on the track, letting them drive smoothly with class and style for miles without any noise. They help eliminate the sound that comes when exhaust leaves the vehicle.

How Does Custom Exhaust System Upgrade Your Race Car’s Performance?

A custom complete exhaust system kit is chiefly a host of pipes that removes the exhaust gases produced in the engine and lets it perform uninterruptedly and exceptionally on the racing track.

Enhance your sports car’s performance on the track with a custom sports exhaust system from Redeye Racecars. Our expertly crafted sports exhaust systems are designed to optimize airflow, reduce backpressure, and deliver maximum horsepower and torque gains. Trust us to create a top-of-the-line sports exhaust system that meets your specific performance needs.

So are you planning to install a custom exhaust system kit for your favorite race car? Here’s what the best system will ensure for your sports car after it is installed.

  • Noise control

Racing car engines give out a lot of noise and a tailor-made exhaust system help in eliminating or controlling the noise. The system removes all the hazardous elements from the exhaust gas, after which it travels through the drag race mufflers. This absorbs the sound of the gas when it is leaving the car.

  • Vent out the gases

The exhaust manifold collects the gases and carries them out of the vehicle by working as a funnel. It grasps the gases from all the cylinders and vents them out tactfully through a single pipe.

  • Enhances engine performance

Most racing cars today are equipped with exhaust system kits because it amplifies the engine performance by generating more power. As the exhaust gases leave the engine faster, it takes less time for the oxygen to rush in and produce power. So, with a custom exhaust system installation, generate more power by enabling your engine to breathe more and perform better.

  • Improved fuel performance

When exhaust gases leave the vehicle engine faster, it assures better fuel efficiency. It’s solely because your engine can take in more oxygen. Having an oxygen sensor, adjusts the fuel, optimizing the fuel costs for you.

Enhance your  ride with Performance Exhaust System

At Red Eye Racecars, we offer custom performance exhaust systems that are designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance & sound. Our exhaust systems are tailored to your specific make & model, ensuring a perfect fit & optimal performance gains. With our expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials, you can enjoy a noticeable increase in horsepower, torque, and overall engine efficiency. Our performance exhaust systems are also built to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving, making them a reliable and long-lasting investment for any car enthusiast. So whether you’re looking to improve your vehicle’s performance on the track or simply want to turn heads with a more aggressive exhaust note, we have the solution for you.

Red Eye Racecars specializes in custom racing exhaust systems designed to maximize performance and enhance the driving experience. Their expert team uses high-quality materials and advanced techniques to create racing exhaust systems tailored to the specific needs of each client, from street cars to dedicated race vehicles.

Chrome Tips For Custom Exhaust Pipes

With the custom exhaust system kit, you have the option to make your racing car different from others with a decorative tip or extension for the exhaust tailpipe.

  • Chrome tip is typically an extension built with 300 series stainless steel. It’s either provided with a chrome flash or coated with nickel, which provides it with a unique luster. The chrome tip is technically used for giving an added layer of protection to the base metal of the system from corrosion.
  • We build a range of custom chrome exhaust systems according to the type and model of the sports cars. Our experienced exhaust manufacturers will get your car upgraded with a chrome exhaust system.

Exhaust, Mufflers, And Many More- We Have Got You

There are little things in the car realm that are more annoying than the terrible exhaust. Leaky rush racing exhaust systems downgrade the performance of your car and overall fuel economy and prevent the car from letting out smog.

One of the most enjoyable modifications you can make to your car is an excellent custom exhaust system. The sound and sensation of your exhaust crackling and burbling have a psychological impact every time you speed, shift, or rev the engine. The best setup can also be a perfect style upgrade for your racecars, whether it’s a single, dual, or side exit, titanium or chrome exhaust tip can create a lasting impact on your car. Red Eye Racecars have all kinds of custom equipment for their clients so that they get the desired outcome.

Unleash the power with custom Sports Exhaust Systems

Red Eye Race Cars is your go-to source for high-performance sports exhaust systems. Their skilled technicians use only the best materials and techniques to craft custom sports exhaust solutions that deliver enhanced power, sound, and style. Designed with performance in mind, their expertly crafted exhausts provide increased airflow, reduced backpressure, and a distinctive, aggressive sound. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your street car or build a dedicated track machine, Red Eye Race Cars has the expertise and experience to create sports exhaust systems that meets your unique needs.

A Sneak Peek Into Custom Exhaust Systems

Did you know that aftermarket manufacturers spend several hours testing and prototyping custom exhaust systems to see that the specifications meet performance levels by following the essential aftermarket exhaust guide? This holds from headers to mufflers. You should know that the exhaust system is comparatively expensive, and hence, we suggest thorough research before you buy a performance exhaust system kit. Our experienced team can guide you with the brands and types, but ultimately it will be your custom-made goals. You can visit our custom exhaust system shop and get an idea about the system without hesitation.

Take your ride to the next level with Racing Exhaust Systems

Looking to take your ride to the next level? Our racing exhaust systems are the perfect solution for any car enthusiast looking to upgrade their vehicle’s performance and sound. At Red Eye Racecars, we specialize in creating custom racing exhaust systems that are tailored to your specific make and model. Our expertly crafted exhaust systems are designed to improve horsepower, torque, and overall engine efficiency, giving you a competitive edge on the track. With high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, our racing exhaust systems are built to last and withstand the demands of high-performance driving. So if you’re ready to take your ride to the next level, trust the experts at Red Eye Racecars to customize your ride with our top-of-the-line racing exhaust systems.

Premium Custom Exhaust Systems Equals Better Performance

We assure you that a premium and bespoke exhaust system will create a bedazzling impact on the style and sound of your car. A titanium or chrome exhaust tip is a great upgrade over an OEM system. You should know that stock systems, specifically in turbo applications are quite muffled to meet the stern government regulations and restrictions.

Red Eye Racecars- We Fulfill Your Dreams

A good exhaust sound improves your driving sense because of where your car has rev range (how hard you push). Therefore, whichever you choose, Red Eye Racecars wants you to have a satisfactory custom exhaust system. Our experts are here to answer all your queries about exhaust systems. Call today!



Race Car Sheet Metal

Sheet metal fabrication is a complex but prerequisite process in automotive manufacturing that helps to transform metals into functional parts. Inevitably, race car manufacturing also needs sheet metal fabrication, a more advanced method to build high-quality parts necessary for unbeatable performance on the drag racing tracks.

Red Eye Racecars is the ultimate stop for your customized needs if you want to build a distinguished racing car or revamp your old vehicle with particular metal parts.

We have highly qualified manufacturers and engineers who manufacture top-quality functional or aesthetic parts from race car sheet metal using their unmatched expertise in fabrication techniques. We help passionate racers take their car’s performance to the next level with incredible additions or improvements.

What do We do To Transform Race Car Sheet Metal?

Race car sheet metal fabrication is beyond just a part of the car manufacturing process! It’s an artwork blended with innovation and design. As the demand for ultra-modern racing cars increases, the use of primary and colored aluminum sheet metals grows manifold. Race car makers are using different fabrication techniques to develop intricate parts for the aerodynamics or functional purposes of the cars.

We cater to race cars’ general and extraordinary needs with sheet metal fabrication services. From prototyping parts to mass-scale parts production, we at Red Eye Racecars address all types of manufacturing needs for drag racers. Our trained engineers use advanced technologies to fabricate an extensive range of parts, from race car aluminum sheets with geometric or aesthetic shapes.

Our job as car manufacturers involves giving perfect shape to plain or colored aluminum sheet metal for race cars. We render shape from the metal sheets by cutting and reforming.

We use a flat metal sheet and a blueprint to start with the fabrication method. While the former is the base material of the structure or part we will manufacture for your race car; the blueprint is a piece of paper with helpful information. The blueprint consists of details regarding cutting the race car aluminum sheet metal, forming the desired structure, and finishing the base material.

After evaluating the custom requirements of your racing car, our manufacturing experts decide whether it needs a single bend for transforming the sheet metal or laser cutting for bending its different edges to create an enclosed structure.

For more complex parts manufacturing, we might deploy both techniques.

Once these processes are complete, we finish the parts and join them to build custom parts of exact specifications.

Assured Benefits of Choosing Our Race Car Sheet Metal

At Red Eye Racecars, take advantage of our custom parts manufacturing with race car sheet metal of the highest quality and durability. From flat and personalized metal parts to prototypes and on-demand requirements, we offer everything under the sheet metal fabrication services.

To get a fantastic drag racing car handcrafted at our facility by industry-leading experts, reach out today.

Hiring our pioneering fabrication services with sheet metal for cars will ensure the following benefits.

  • We create simple to complex prototype parts for race car bodies out of sheet metal in the quickest time possible with utmost precision.
  • Our talented race car engineers get bespoke parts for drag car interiors with sheet metal that meets the racers’ functional and aesthetic requirements.
  • With no compromise on the quality, we tailor-make versatile and adjustable parts for race cars at affordable costs.
  • We deploy various cost-effective fabrication techniques using colored sheet metal or aluminum sheet metal for race cars, ensuring they can withstand extreme heat or electrical conduction, which is necessary for top-notch performance in drag racing.
  • Since race car aluminum sheets or steel sheets have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, we use them to build lightweight parts. When we apply bends to the metal sheets, they gain significant strength, making them appropriate for parts that undergo maximum corrosion.

Start Your Metal Makeover Journey with Us!

End your search for ideal race car components with Red Eye Racecars! Taking basic to colored race car sheet metal, our dedicated engineers make high-end parts fit for intense performance at drag racing tracks.

Hiring sheet metal fabrication services from us will provide you with bespoke metal parts from sheet metal for your dream car. Our handpicked team of car manufacturing experts and engineers ensure that every custom part has exact specifications adhering to the quality standards. Contact our team of proficient car builders to get fabrication services for your next race car project!

Carbon Fiber Race Car Interior

Tired of searching for a suitable and top-quality custom carbon fiber interior? To win a car racing tournament, one needs an upgraded system that gives you the desired outcome. Carbon fiber car interior is one aspect that will help you achieve your racing goals. Get in touch with Red Eye Racecars for all your requirements!

Using Carbon Fiber in Automotive Interior Design

Carbon fiber laminates are another name for CFRP or fiber-reinforced polymer. Cars made of this material are more fuel-efficient, lighter, and safer all at once. Because they are woven with so many pure carbon strands, these laminates are incredibly strong. Plastic or epoxy resin is used to strengthen the polymer further. That’s why custom carbon fiber interior parts are popular in the industry. Their enormous tensile strength and ultra-light weight make them ideal for race cars.

The carbon fiber density is around 1.3 to 1.5 g/cc. This is lighter than magnesium (previously considered the lightest of all materials for several structures). Yes, carbon fibers are a bit costly, but that’s because the production of this material is done by robots or manually. Additionally, the time needed for the polymer to turn solid is another factor. It takes around 24 to 50 hours.

Only modern, elevated race cars that rely on acceleration and quicker speeds are completely made of tailored carbon fiber car parts. The Alfa Romeo 4C, McLaren 570S, 918, and Ford GT are a few cars with all-CFRP bodywork. But their production takes ample effort and time, making their price much higher. Electric vehicles also use carbon fiber interiors because using CFRP elevates the battery life.

Build Tailor-Made Carbon Fiber Car Interior With Dash Kit

Carbon-fiber dash kits are a useful part of the interior customization of a sports car or racing car for one prominent reason. It provides the cars with a stylish look on the inside which makes the racers feel good while driving on the track. Carbon fiber race car interior parts are already famous! Since the interior body is made of a large number of carbon strands, it makes the car extraordinarily strong and protects it in and out.

While a carbon fiber car interior ensures safety, a custom-made dash kit adds elegance to your car and makes them look classier inside. The dashboard is the first thing anyone notices whenever they step inside the car. While the ready-made dash kits are made matching with the interior of the car, they are standard in design, which makes the racers wanting for a customized one.

Thankfully, among the lots of options for custom carbon fiber car accessories, dash kits are a prime one. There’re many reasonably priced kits for race car interiors available that help you upgrade the inside look and feel of your car!

A perfectly fabricated dash kit gives sophistication and style to the racer while competing in drag racing. With custom carbon fiber interior parts, it adds a luxury appeal. It’s because the custom-made dash kits offer uniqueness to your car interior by improving the look of each of the dash kit elements including:

  • Steering Door panels
  • Center console
  • Glove compartment
  • Instrument group or stereo

The reasons you should choose to fit a custom carbon fiber dash kit in your car are the benefits.

Assured Benefits of Installing Custom Car Fiber Dash Kit

  • Easy installation: It’s extremely easy and quick to install a carbon fiber kit to your dashboard.
  • Can be easily changed: With an interior race car customized with carbon fiber, you often feel the urge to upgrade the style after some time. You can do it instantly and can even change the dash kit matching with the new style. In case, the kit experiences any wear and tear, you can also get it replaced quickly.
  • Refine the look of the dashboard: Needless to say, a bespoke carbon fiber dash kit will hide spots, wear, or any blemishes on the dashboard.
  • Elevated appearance of the interior: Race cars that win not only rank high in performance but also their look! Carbon fiber car interiors make them look more stunning on the inside. Whenever you add a customized dash kit, the racer will enjoy the look and can drive the car with style.
  • Better resale value: A car that has carbon fiber interiors including carbon fiber tube, dash kit, or carbon fiber roll provides you a better resale value in the future.
  • Gives protection to the panel: Tailor-make carbon fiber dash kit not only makes the car’s appearance attractive but also provides a protective layer to the dashboard and prevents it from damage.

Different Types of Carbon Fiber Dash Kit For Your Car Interior

Planning to build a custom carbon fiber interior race car and provide it with a stylish dash kit? Do not go for a standard dash kit when you can choose from a wide range of stylish custom dash kits. Choose an appropriate style among the following types of carbon fiber dash kits.

  • 3D style dash kitThis is 3D carbon-fiber trim that has a semi-matte finish and a slightly textured surface. It lends an elegant yet subtle look that makes the carbon fiber race car interior look neither lavish nor too bold.
  • 4D style dash kit: The 4D style carbon-fiber trim gives the car’s interior a shiny look and gives a compelling look to the dashboard.
  • 5D style dash kit: Our 5D style carbon fiber trim gives an ultramodern or posh look to the interior of the race car with its superior finish. Any tailor-made carbon fiber interior looks posh, and it makes the dash kit look quite similar to that of a kit made of real carbon fiber.
  • Holographic: Holographic carbon fiber trims are not just classy in appearance due to their high finish but are also too easy to fabricate into the car.
  • Solid color: If you are looking for a prominent color for your street race car interior that goes with the uniqueness of your style, then choose one of the solid colors available for the dash kit!

Going the Red Eye Racecars Way!

Each day, racing professionals are increasingly impressed by the carbon laminate’s appearance, leading to numerous cosmetic applications. In the past, to eliminate heavyweight, high-performing car manufacturers removed certain components of the car interior. Such parts were radios or rear seats. But this isn’t the case anymore.

Carbon fiber race car interiors are now the solution. They help tailor-make certain parts, including the dash kit, which aren’t just lightweight but sturdier and give additional protection to the interiors. For all these reasons, carbon fiber race car interiors have grown in popularity and are increasingly used in different race cars to enhance their look and performance.

Red Eye Racecars, a specialized manufacturer of sports cars offers custom carbon fiber car interiors and carbon fiber race wings for every vehicle. Besides, we also provide drag racing parts for air cleaners, chassis, engines, exhaust, fuel systems, safety, etc., that help to win your match and create an impression through our custom services and impressive teamwork. We will not disappoint you!

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