Water Jet Cutting Service

Waterjet cutting is an advanced mechanical process used to cut materials with physical contact and consistent high pressure. Highly different from another cutting process, this one is a cold cutting process, involving no heat at all.

At Red Eye Racecars get the most advanced and efficient waterjet cutting service with MAXIEM 1530. Maxiem 1530 Waterjet is a trailblazing cutting machine known today as useful for all types of industrial applications, from prototype development to full-scale development of machinery.

Our premium-grade waterjet cutting machine cuts metal and plastic parts neatly with high-pressure steam and abrasive technique. We offer a cost-effective cutting solution for industrial manufacturing no matter what parts or prototypes of race cars you need.

Abrasive Water jet Cutting with Omax MAXIEM 1530

Our race car builders provide unmatched waterjet cutting services with the help of the top-notch cutting machine, MAXIEM 1530. Backed by standard features and avant-garde control type, this waterjet machine is a revolutionary invention in manufacturing.

It helps us cut into materials of any size, shape, type, or thickness providing a superior finish to build sports car parts. With it, we ensure cut to perfection with extra precision and fineness to craft high-quality parts of race cars.

Get our custom waterjet cutting service for any race car manufacturing needs as it has many advantages over other methods! While the versatility of MAXIEM 1530 enables cutting of any material of any thickness up to 12 inches, our expertise ensures failsafe cutting with quality and fineness.

Our abrasive water jet cutting service leaves no heat-affected zones or burrs on the metal sheets while ensuring a low cost of manufacturing and a greater volume of production.

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting Service with MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet

Whether you need a prototype part car or original parts for the full-scale development of your dream sports car, we are here to create intricate high-quality parts quickly and niftily. Due to its dexterity, abrasive waterjet cutting service is widely used in all sectors including general manufacturing, automobile, and aerospace manufacturing.

Key benefits of MAXIEM waterjet cutting machine that make it our top choice for race car manufacturing.

  • Cuts through a wide range of materials, including solid metals and composites regardless of their thickness.
  • Tested and ensured not to cause mechanical stress or heated zones during and after operations.
  • No adjustments in the tools and minimal fixturing required, which results in a reduction of setup time.
  • Convenient storage drawers with a controller that allows the storage of necessary tools and spare parts adjacent to the machine that does not affect the uptime.
  • Use of a lesser amount of cooling water, which is better than the various options of hydraulic intensifier pumps.
  • Lesser space consumption due to the small size of the machine.
  • Reduced electricity consumption compared to any other pump machines, which ensures cost savings in your industrial operations.
  • Cutting results in silky-smooth and sleek edges, which eliminates the additional task of finishing the metal parts.
  • Does not release any fumes or toxic smoke, during the cutting operations as it does not liquids, gas, or oil for operating. This makes MAXIEM waterjet an environmentally ‘green’ waterjet cutting machine.

Our Maxiem Waterjet Machine Specifications

Built-in 2009, the MAXIEM waterjet cutting machine cuts all types of materials, including plastics, metal, glass, stones, and ceramics. Being a top-level cutting device, it has specifications and components that in combination with technology guarantee efficient and effortless cutting of materials.

It cuts parts of both brittle and ultra-hard materials with fineness with a maximum length of 3000 mm, a breadth of 1500 mm, and a width of 200 mm. It has a high-pressure and high-power pump that allows faster cutting, which eventually helps in increasing production levels while reducing the costs of operations.

Here are its key specifications:

  • Technology: Abrasive waterjet
  • Electrical requirements: 3-phase, 380-480 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz
  • Repeatability: ±0.002″ (±0.051 mm)
  • Speed: 500 in/min (12,700 mm/min)
  • Configuration: 3-Axis
  • X-Y Cutting Travel: 10’0” x 5’2” (3,048 mm x 1,575 mm)
  • Z-Axis Travel: 12” (305 mm)
  • Table Size: 12’2” x 5’8” (3,708 mm x 1,727 mm)
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 1465 kg/m2
  • Maximum workpiece thickness: 200 mm
  • Pump power: 22 kW (30 hp)
  • Maximum pump pressure: 3800 bar
  • File format: .dxf
  • Man-hours: 14101 h
  • Power: 32.7 kva
  • Power supply: 3x 380 v; 50 Hz
  • Software: OMAX Intelli-MAX
  • Crank pump: MAXIEM M30

What Materials Can MAXIEM Waterjet Cut?

With MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet, we cut a wide range of metals flawlessly, including aluminum, brass, and carbon steel for building exceptional parts of race cars. Being a versatile abrasive water jet machining tool, it also cuts through exotic materials like Titanium, Magnesium, and carbon for manufacturing custom-engineered parts of high-performance cars.

By cutting with a MAXIEM water jet cutting machine, we ensure producing smoothest edges of the metal parts with no burns, heat-affected zones, cracks, or crooks anywhere.

Materials that this cutting-edge and abrasive waterjet machine cuts through are:


The most cut metal by MAXIEM 1530 is aluminum because it’s the most used material in industrial applications. Aluminum is hard and durable, making it a demanding material for manufacturing but at the same time, it is hard to cut. For clean and quick cutting of aluminum with intricate patterns and seamless designs, our water jet cutting machine is the best option.


We cut brass metal using an abrasive waterjet cutting process with MAXIEM 1530 without causing any thermal distortion. It results in polished brass surfaces with superior-quality edges, which are not assured by laser cutting or other methods.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron is used for engineering parts of high-speed cars because of its unbeatable durability and strength compared to stainless steel. Using the abrasive waterjet cutting technology of MAXIEM 1530, we construct complex parts out of carbon steel quickly without altering their quality.


The reflectivity property of copper makes it difficult to cut and build parts for sports car manufacturing with laser-cutting or other popular cutting technology. However, that’s not an issue with MAXIEM 1530. We provide intrinsic water jet cutting service with it and build tough internal or external components of sports cars with copper, including  tube chassis kit and engine.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is also one of the toughest metals, especially 304, which is extremely difficult to cut with machines using heat or any other technology. However, due to its exemplary properties, including high-end durability, they are used for manufacturing several parts including exhaust systems, brake lines, and fuel tanks.

Using the MAXIEM abrasive waterjet cutting machine, we dexterously cut through stainless steel to build essential parts of cars with precision.


It’s one of the exotic metals used for manufacturing prime parts of the combustion engine of sports cars, such as valves, springs, and retainers. Titanium is used because of its excellent property of resistance to corrosion and oxidation which increases the shelf life of the parts.

Being an incredibly hard metal, it cannot be cut through general methods like flame cutting or laser cutting. We use MAXIEM 1530 to smoothly cut Titanium to build combustion engine parts without causing any embrittlement or distortion.

Why Choose Red Eye Racecars for Maxiem 1530 Water Jet Cutting?

Maxiem Waterjet, an advanced abrasive water jet machine, is capable of cutting anything up to 12 inches thick. We provide custom water jet cutting services to build specialized parts of sports cars made of composite materials, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and many more.

At Red Eye Racecars, we leverage the power of a world-class MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet machine to ensure faster, seamless, and precise cutting for a range of metals for sports car manufacturing. It comes with a modern digital linear encoder that provides on-spot one-micron resolution feedback to the controller system, assuring it knows where exactly the cutting head is while in operation.

If you need building metal precision parts for your futuristic high-performance race car, look no further than Red Eye Racecars.

High-end custom waterjet cutting of parts

Our race car specialists and manufacturers build fundamental parts of race cars using the premium-grade abrasive waterjet cutting machine. We cut and build parts out of composite materials with absolute precision, ensuring no HAZ (heat-affected zone, super edge quality, and no burr.

Easy ordering of custom waterjet cutting parts

Ordering a custom waterjet cutting part is pretty easy with us! Reach our team, discuss the part you need to build and the designs you want, select your materials, and get an instant quote from our team. Our car experts and engineers start working on it soon and will get it delivered in a quick turnaround time.

Endless options for custom waterjet cutting services

Using the MAXIEM abrasive waterjet cutting machine, we managed to make our processes faster and more efficient. From preparing material blanks with near-net shapes to rapid prototyping of parts and manufacture of end-use parts like brackets and fixtures, we take on all types of custom manufacturing jobs for sports cars.

Proven and efficient process of product manufacturing

From choosing the right materials and finishes to applying a more precise waterjet cutting process, we ensure everything to build turnkey components or parts for your car.

Red Eye Racecars offers cost-effective and state-of-the-art water jet cutting services, whether you need a custom part, a prototype, or a high-performance race car. Harnessing all the advantages of abrasive water jet machining technology, we will get your requirements fulfilled with superior quality and precision in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team today to share your requirements!

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