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Welding – Sculpting Precision in Every Joint

At Red Eye Racecars, get a specialized welding service for cars and other forms of manufacturing. Our team has expertise in metal fabrication and offers flawless welding for automation, heavy equipment, and many more.

The welding process involves the joining of two unconnected metal parts into a desired metal piece using heat and pressure. Our experience in the field has expanded our welding capabilities into manufacturing, repairing, and maintenance operations for automobiles and industrial parts.

We strive for quality assurance in our welding services and ensure the tailored parts or products we fabricate for a purpose are sturdier and of superior quality. Our experienced metal welders are fully trained and equipped with the latest techniques and proudly serve a wide range of industries.

Our customized welder services, provided by trained welders, transform any metal into a desired shape using the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding method.

With state-of-the-art tools in our advanced manufacturing unit, our welders do multi-purpose welding involving widespread materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and other alloys.

What We Do?

Red Eye Racecars is dedicated to providing welding services with experienced workmanship and delivering specialty parts for sports cars, passenger cars, machinery, construction, and so on.

Our metal welders are experienced, and trained to offer the service of welding assuring various aspects of safety. We employ the latest technology for our weld services which help us deliver the final products perfectly tailored to customers’ expectations and right on time.

We provide our welding service complying with the industry standards and regulations, our quality inspectors assure that each of our welded and manufactured items is durable, consistent, and safe to use.

Being specialized in production welding services, we are capable of welding parts of a wide range of metals:

  • Carbon Steel:

There are different types of steel subtypes called carbon steel, and have different elemental compositions. Depending on the specific percentage of carbon present in them, they require a specific welding process. For instance, low-carbon mild steel is the most weldable metal available because it’s composed of very few elements.

  • Stainless Steel:

As it contains Chromium, stainless steel has supreme heat resistance but also retains heat. This makes the welding process a little challenging for them while preventing warping or irregularities on the surface. For this reason, metal welders need to build parts of stainless steel with more precision, expertise, and speed.

  • Aluminum:

Aluminum does not corrode easily and is much lighter in weight, compared to any other metals. However, it is a good conductor of heat and melts at the slightest increase in temperature. This is the reason the TIG welding technique is best suited for welding aluminum.

Different materials respond to heat in different ways due to their specific tensile strength, melting point, heat conducting capacity, and level of ductility.

Our well-trained welders of sheet metal have in-depth knowledge of various materials, their properties, and limitations. They ensure to use the befitting welding technique to get the best possible results.

Our Customized TIG Welding Services

The team of metal welders at Red Eye Racecars is a pioneer in TIG welding, which is slower but a more accurate process, convenient for joining difficult-to-join metal parts or surfaces. We apply TIG welding for fabricating parts in general automotive, race cars, process piping, machinery, and aerospace applications.

Our avant-garde TIG welding services assure the following benefits:

  • Versatility:

We weld diverse materials and serve across a wide range of industries, building automotive and machine parts of different types.

  • Durability:

Our metal welders utilize intricate techniques with ultimate precision and dexterity to ensure the welding of two surfaces that create an ever-lasting bond.

  • Strength:

We weld surfaces with so much perfection that it creates sturdier joints with long-lasting integrity than other joined parts.

  • Cost-Efficiency:

Our experienced sheet metal welders’ service ensures the creation of welds cost-effectively without compromising on the quality of the parts. We handle most of our welding assignments quicker by using advanced techniques, which further reduces our manufacturing costs.

Why Choose Red Eye Racecars For Welding Service?

Red Eye Racecars, a one-stop shop for all racing car manufacturing needs is also a dedicated welding services provider. Our adroit team of metal welders employs cutting-edge techniques to weld a variety of materials to engineer custom parts for automobiles and other industrial applications.

Having years of experience in the field of automobile manufacturing, we inherently gathered expertise in the welding process and metal fabrication. Our welders have the understanding to apply the appropriate technique for welding ensuring the permanence and long-lasting bond of the fabricated product.

What makes us an industry-leading welding service provider?

  • Experienced Team of Metal Welders:

We take pride in our well-trained team of welders. They are committed to providing welding services with top-notch
precision adhering to industry standards.

  • Services Diverse Industry Needs:

Our team handles welding projects of all types and sizes in diverse industries ensuring 100% satisfaction of clients. We are capable of serving the metal fabrication needs of industries, including automobile, aerospace, energy, military, and manufacturing.

  • Quality Services:

We utilize the latest technologies and tools that help us fabricate and deliver the welded products faster while maintaining unparalleled quality and integrity.

To get the highest-quality welding service for fabricating parts of racing cars and other industrial products, contact the team of Red Eye Racecars today! Share your requirements with our team, and we will get your custom part or product requirement welded in no time.

With hands-on experience in diverse metal fabrication operations, we ensure 100% accuracy and efficiency in our welding work. Reach us to experience our matchless welding capabilities!

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