Carbon Fiber Race Car Interior

Tired of searching for a suitable and top-quality custom carbon fiber interior? To win a car racing tournament, one needs an upgraded system that gives you the desired outcome. Carbon fiber car interior is one aspect that will help you achieve your racing goals. Get in touch with Red Eye Racecars for all your requirements!

Using Carbon Fiber in Automotive Interior Design

Carbon fiber laminates are another name for CFRP or fiber-reinforced polymer. Cars made of this material are more fuel-efficient, lighter, and safer all at once. Because they are woven with so many pure carbon strands, these laminates are incredibly strong. Plastic or epoxy resin is used to strengthen the polymer further. That’s why custom carbon fiber interior parts are popular in the industry. Their enormous tensile strength and ultra-light weight make them ideal for race cars.

The carbon fiber density is around 1.3 to 1.5 g/cc. This is lighter than magnesium (previously considered the lightest of all materials for several structures). Yes, carbon fibers are a bit costly, but that’s because the production of this material is done by robots or manually. Additionally, the time needed for the polymer to turn solid is another factor. It takes around 24 to 50 hours.

Only modern, elevated race cars that rely on acceleration and quicker speeds are completely made of tailored carbon fiber car parts. The Alfa Romeo 4C, McLaren 570S, 918, and Ford GT are a few cars with all-CFRP bodywork. But their production takes ample effort and time, making their price much higher. Electric vehicles also use carbon fiber interiors because using CFRP elevates the battery life.

Build Tailor-Made Carbon Fiber Car Interior With Dash Kit

Carbon-fiber dash kits are a useful part of the interior customization of a sports car or racing car for one prominent reason. It provides the cars with a stylish look on the inside which makes the racers feel good while driving on the track. Carbon fiber race car interior parts are already famous! Since the interior body is made of a large number of carbon strands, it makes the car extraordinarily strong and protects it in and out.

While a carbon fiber car interior ensures safety, a custom-made dash kit adds elegance to your car and makes them look classier inside. The dashboard is the first thing anyone notices whenever they step inside the car. While the ready-made dash kits are made matching with the interior of the car, they are standard in design, which makes the racers wanting for a customized one.

Thankfully, among the lots of options for custom carbon fiber car accessories, dash kits are a prime one. There’re many reasonably priced kits for race car interiors available that help you upgrade the inside look and feel of your car!

A perfectly fabricated dash kit gives sophistication and style to the racer while competing in drag racing. With custom carbon fiber interior parts, it adds a luxury appeal. It’s because the custom-made dash kits offer uniqueness to your car interior by improving the look of each of the dash kit elements including:

  • Steering Door panels
  • Center console
  • Glove compartment
  • Instrument group or stereo

The reasons you should choose to fit a custom carbon fiber dash kit in your car are the benefits.

Assured Benefits of Installing Custom Car Fiber Dash Kit

  • Easy installation: It’s extremely easy and quick to install a carbon fiber kit to your dashboard.
  • Can be easily changed: With an interior race car customized with carbon fiber, you often feel the urge to upgrade the style after some time. You can do it instantly and can even change the dash kit matching with the new style. In case, the kit experiences any wear and tear, you can also get it replaced quickly.
  • Refine the look of the dashboard: Needless to say, a bespoke carbon fiber dash kit will hide spots, wear, or any blemishes on the dashboard.
  • Elevated appearance of the interior: Race cars that win not only rank high in performance but also their look! Carbon fiber car interiors make them look more stunning on the inside. Whenever you add a customized dash kit, the racer will enjoy the look and can drive the car with style.
  • Better resale value: A car that has carbon fiber interiors including carbon fiber tube, dash kit, or carbon fiber roll provides you a better resale value in the future.
  • Gives protection to the panel: Tailor-make carbon fiber dash kit not only makes the car’s appearance attractive but also provides a protective layer to the dashboard and prevents it from damage.

Different Types of Carbon Fiber Dash Kit For Your Car Interior

Planning to build a custom carbon fiber interior race car and provide it with a stylish dash kit? Do not go for a standard dash kit when you can choose from a wide range of stylish custom dash kits. Choose an appropriate style among the following types of carbon fiber dash kits.

  • 3D style dash kitThis is 3D carbon-fiber trim that has a semi-matte finish and a slightly textured surface. It lends an elegant yet subtle look that makes the carbon fiber race car interior look neither lavish nor too bold.
  • 4D style dash kit: The 4D style carbon-fiber trim gives the car’s interior a shiny look and gives a compelling look to the dashboard.
  • 5D style dash kit: Our 5D style carbon fiber trim gives an ultramodern or posh look to the interior of the race car with its superior finish. Any tailor-made carbon fiber interior looks posh, and it makes the dash kit look quite similar to that of a kit made of real carbon fiber.
  • Holographic: Holographic carbon fiber trims are not just classy in appearance due to their high finish but are also too easy to fabricate into the car.
  • Solid color: If you are looking for a prominent color for your street race car interior that goes with the uniqueness of your style, then choose one of the solid colors available for the dash kit!

Going the Red Eye Racecars Way!

Each day, racing professionals are increasingly impressed by the carbon laminate’s appearance, leading to numerous cosmetic applications. In the past, to eliminate heavyweight, high-performing car manufacturers removed certain components of the car interior. Such parts were radios or rear seats. But this isn’t the case anymore.

Carbon fiber race car interiors are now the solution. They help tailor-make certain parts, including the dash kit, which aren’t just lightweight but sturdier and give additional protection to the interiors. For all these reasons, carbon fiber race car interiors have grown in popularity and are increasingly used in different race cars to enhance their look and performance.

Red Eye Racecars, a specialized manufacturer of sports cars offers custom carbon fiber car interiors and carbon fiber race wings for every vehicle. Besides, we also provide drag racing parts for air cleaners, chassis, engines, exhaust, fuel systems, safety, etc., that help to win your match and create an impression through our custom services and impressive teamwork. We will not disappoint you!

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