Custom roll cages

Custom Roll Cages

Bespoke roll cages- Fabrication & fitting

Having a custom roll cage fitted by Red Eye Racecars is similar to purchasing a custom suit. It’s because we consider our clients’ preferences to create a unique roll cage custom design. We take pride in our work, and we believe that it shines through in the number of repeat customers we get.

Red Eye Racecars builds world-class custom roll cage designs, fitting, and fabrication for all motorsport levels. We provide custom roll cage kit where our every cage is bespoke, perfectly fitted to the cars’ interiors, full TIG welded, and all joints aptly notched using specially designed tube notching equipment.

Custom Roll Cages- built for your safety

Looking for world-class custom roll cage fabrication and fittings? Well, you have landed on the right page! We at Red Eye Racecars, provide you with comprehensive services that ensure your peace of mind during the game with the best roll cages for race cars. All you need to do is focus on winning, and building a roll cage race car becomes easier when you have a partner like us!

When it comes to car racing, safety becomes a top priority, and this is where roll cages are built to give exceptional protection. Our custom roll cages ensure that the occupants inside the cars do not end up injured due to an accident since all the joints are notched using an updated roll cage notching tool and other necessary tools from our custom roll cage kit, along with the help of custom rolling chassis. We have the experience, knowledge, and thorough expertise in custom roll cage fabrication for life-size hot wheels cars! You will find various shops to buy custom roll bars, but none will provide you with the result like us.

Technologies For Custom Roll Cages

To meet our customers’ requests, we have drastically improved every precision and fit for a custom race car cage with the use of advanced technologies including custom rolling chassis. Redeye Racecars pushes the limits with all its projects and uses the latest technology to ensure you get the most updated equipment for your racing car. No matter what your requirements are, we deliver the desired result from our finest custom roll cage shop.

Sturdy and Agile

Since racing cars require a lot of sturdiness and agility, our custom roll bars are created to resist significant abuse for the protection of your cars. With our strong understanding of roll cages for cars, specifically, race cars, we look into the details of the roll cages. You will appreciate the meticulous detailing when you use the car for the very first time. The fresh and unique custom roll cage car service of our expert team always impresses our clients. Look forward to a fine handcrafted solution from our side and have unparalleled fun ahead.

Variety and Swift Work

Your requirement may vary- whether you need 7.50 or 8.50, an 8-point or a 10-point custom cage, we have your back. Get in touch with our renowned roll cage custom installation shop, and we shall provide you with the best products and stellar services for our clients. Let us design a bespoke roll cage for you in a minimum time- whether it’s for a batch of cars or a single one.

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