Race car fabrication

Race Car Fabrication

Red Eye Racecars offers pioneering race car customization with its excellent design and fabrication services. Our experienced team is well-regarded for amazing race car fabrication with ingenious assembling, preparation, and workmanship.

With inherent engineering skills and creative ideas, we have been creating flawless and efficient race cars tailored to the user’s specifications. Our custom car fabrication services open doors to the electrifying world of motorsports and allows you to build an unstoppable career!

Get cutting-edge custom development of race cars to pursue your role as a sports car racer or a passionate driver.

What We Do?

We do custom race car sheet metal work to build ultra-modern and sleek race cars that capture everyone’s attention while on the race track.Our automobile engineers and designers have honed their skills with time and now offer a wide range of custom automotive fabrication services.

Our race car fabrication services include:

  • Roll cages

At Red Eye Racecars, we have years of experience in roll cage fabrication and offer custom roll cages that perfectly fit the interiors of the cars. With full-scale TIG welding and tube notching equipment, we ensure that all the joints of the roll cages are correctly notched.

We build roll cages no matter what the custom requirements of your sports car are in mild steel, 4130 Chrome-moly, Docol, or any other sturdy material you want.

  • Space frame chassis

Our custom car fabrication services include car fabrication of space frame chassis for applications in diverse racing. Our expert race car fabricators use a range of materials for making chassis for suitable applications, including mild steel, chrome-moly, etc.

Our adept craftsmen use TIG welding on the surface plates or chassis jigs for extraordinary quality and precision.

  • Sheet metal

Red Eye Racecars also specializes in creating flat sheets of specific metal, which helps to manufacture various parts or components for race cars.

Using sheet metal, we craft a range of parts for race car fabrication, including wheel tubs, fuel tanks, bodywork, interior panels, and various aerodynamic parts such as wings or spoilers.

  • Part Kits

As an industry-leading race car fabrication service provider, we manufacture almost all parts of the cars, from sets of tubes to brackets and fittings. Our expert car fabricators also do pre-formed panels that are useful for creating wheel tubs.

If you need custom-built fittings for your drag racing car, we will build its flawless front and rear suspension parts.

  • Composites

Our experienced car engineers are capable of manufacturing composite elements for racing cars using carbon fiber, fiberglass, and carbon.

If you have any requirements for your sports car, such as chassis components, aerodynamic panels, and protection covers for additional safety, our trained car fabricators will build that for you.

Why Choose Red Eye Racecars for Car Fabrication?

At Red Eye Racecars, we are more than a race car manufacturer. We customize outstanding structures and parts to build perfect race cars that draw attention and outperform others in drag racing.

Our exceptional team and their excellent craftsmanship in automobile engineering helped us become an industry-leading race car manufacturer.

See what makes Red Eye Racecars your best partner for custom race car fabrication.

  • Expertise and Experience:

We have gathered experience in custom race car fabrication over all these years. Our proficient fabricators use their expertise and skills to craft avant-garde components or parts that make race cars stand out.

  • Cutting-edge Technology:

Our trained automotive fabricators have an in-depth understanding of custom car fabrication and use only state-of-the-art technologies to craft parts or components for racing cars.

  • Fully Customized Fabrication:

With incredible workmanship, our car fabricators tailor-make performance sports cars specific to your requirements and preferences.

  • Proven-track Record:

Take a look at the range of cars we fabricated all these years, which achieved notable performance on track. Our cars enable our clients to achieve triumphs or victories effortlessly while creating an everlasting impression on others.

  • Competitive Pricing:

We assure highly competitive pricing models for our race car fabrication services without compromising on the quality of materials and offering value in terms of performance.

  • Extensive Services:

From custom fabrication of core racing car parts to additional fittings and services of maintenance and upgrades, our team assists in everything.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you looking for a first-rate race car that gives you a winning performance whenever you are on track? Get in touch with Red Eye Racecars! We offer dedicated race car fabrication services to build fast-performing cars that create history on the tracks!

Our automobile designers and engineers have hands-on experience in race car manufacturing and cater to all types of fabrication needs, including roll cages, chassis frames and components, sheet metal, etc.

With Red Eye Racecars, pursue your dream of becoming a drag racer with the most incredible sports car custom-made for you! Share your ideal race car concept and fabrication needs. We will engineer and craft it focusing on performance, functionality, and safety.

Contact our passionate team of race car fabricators and collaborate to build a fabulous high-performance race car!

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