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  • Race Car Fabrication
  • MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet – Abrasive Water Jet Machine
  • Full Tube Chassis
  • Custom Roll Cages
  • Full Custom Turbo System
  • Custom Exhaust System
  • Custom Tin Work
  • Carbon Fiber Race Car Interior

Race Car Fabrication

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Red Eye Racecars offers pioneering race car customization with its excellent design and fabrication services. Our experienced team is well-regarded for amazing race car fabrication with ingenious assembling, preparation, and workmanship. With inherent engineering skills and creative ideas, we have been creating flawless and efficient race cars tailored to the user’s specifications. Our custom car […]

MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet – Abrasive Water Jet Machine

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MAXIEM 1530 is a high-grade abrasive waterjet machine. It is widely used for modern industrial cutting needs, including metal, plastics, composite materials, and glass. Backed by standard features and avant-garde control type, the MAXIEM waterjet machine is a revolutionary invention in the field of manufacturing. This is a trailblazing cutting machine known today as useful […]

Full Tube Chassis

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Custom-Build your own tube chassis cars It’s the dream of so many race car enthusiasts to build their own chassis from scratch. But when reality kicks in, they start thinking about where to start the process. Don’t keep your dreams sealed now! Red Eye Racecars manufactures a myriad of chassis kits to ease the entire […]

Custom Roll Cages

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We specialize in Custom Roll Cages.

Full Custom Turbo System

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Whether you enjoy autocross, road racing, drag racing, street racing, or towing, Red Eye Racecars can design the ideal setup for your racecar. Additionally, we also accept challenging or “impossible” tasks that come our way. At Red Eye Racecars, we use superior-quality custom turbo kits, genuine American components, engine management, and dyno tuning to ensure […]

Custom Exhaust System

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Want to feel the adrenaline rush after winning a good race? You can achieve them by simply using our high-quality custom exhaust system for your hot wheels. They are dependable and worth the try, for your upcoming tournaments. One of the greatest methods to improve the sound and efficiency of your racecars is to upgrade […]

Custom Tin Work

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Powerful custom tin work is the need of the hour for every race car. If you wish to reach new heights in your racing career, trust Red Eye Racecars’ teamwork. Our impressive finishing products have astounding effects on the race tracks! To revamp your special race car and make it one-of-a-kind in the drag racing […]

Carbon Fiber Race Car Interior

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Tired of searching for a suitable and top-quality custom carbon fiber interior? To win a car racing tournament, one needs an upgraded system that gives you the desired outcome. Carbon fiber car interior is one aspect that will help you achieve your racing goals. Get in touch with Red Eye Racecars for all your requirements! […]


Since 2021

Red Eye Racecars Story

Having an unending passion for designing and handcrafting customized race cars, and having an understanding of the chassis shop, James decided to become one of the best custom race car builders and give shape to the dreams of racers. His attention to fine details and persistent endeavor to innovate helped him construct appealing custom race cars. Along with manufacturing drag racing parts and customizing, he also excelled in customer service post-manufacturing to ensure client satisfaction. With his exceptional philosophy, he attracted many talented engineers and professionals to his Red Eye Racecars Team and helped them gain absolute experience in building custom race cars.

Passionate drag racers or drivers can fully rely on the years of experience and proficiency that our Red Eye Racecars team deploys to handcraft custom cars and redeye racing programs. Each of our custom race cars and trackside services exhibits our drive for innovation and world-class expertise in handcrafting race cars. Being one of the top-notch custom race car builders, we help you stay ahead in the ever-growing outlaw-style racing and stand out from the rest.

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