Full Custom Turbo Kits

Whether you enjoy autocross, road racing, drag racing, street racing, or towing, Red Eye Racecars can design the ideal setup for your racecar. Additionally, we also accept challenging or “impossible” tasks that come our way.

At Red Eye Racecars, we use superior-quality custom turbo kits, genuine American components, engine management, and dyno tuning to ensure a durable result for our customers. We aim to build custom turbo kit that are of best quality and are fitted with care so that our clients have peace of mind that they will receive a high-quality system.

The aftermarket performance sector has seen considerable growth in the popularity of turbo kits and application-specific devices, focussing on how turbo kits work. As a result, there are now too many mediocre bolt-on turbo kits on the marketplace. You can ensure quality over quantity by using the Red Eye Racecars single turbo kit. Each kit is meticulously crafted to match your racecar. Bring your vehicle’s performance to a completely new level with a high-profile company like ours.

Custom Turbo Kits For Race Cars
The large or small turbo kit is only as good as the parts that you use. Red Eye Racecars have delivered components and kits that provide boosted performance. Our professional service is bound to increase the efficiency of your racecars by manifolds. The line of wastegates, boost controllers, and blow-off valves are unrivaled. With competitive rates, our clients have been satisfied with the result, after which their racing careers steadily increased. Our experienced staff has served in every aspect of the professional racing industry and street-driven applications.

Find custom turbo kits that have high-quality parts for race cars that create a definitive impact on your career. Red Eye Racecars is there for you at every step.

You Deserve the Best!
The drive to have the best materials for your car can create a huge difference in the way you perform in your race. If you choose to buy cheap products, they are likely unreliable, costing you your racing tournaments. Reach your goals easily through our well-built, custom turbo kits for a splendid performance. After all, your racing competition is our responsibility as well. There will be no other like us.

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