Maxiem 1530 Waterjet

MAXIEM 1530 JetMachining Center
The next generation MAXIEM® 1530 JetMachining® Center sets a higher standard for abrasive waterjet machining. Faster, smoother, and more precise, the MAXIEM 1530 is ideal for a wide range of modern machining needs. The exclusive advanced Intelli-TRAX® digital linear encoder provides one-micron resolution instant feedback to the motor control system so the machine knows precisely where the cutting head is at all times.  Maxiem Waterjet is capable of cutting anything up to 12 inches thick. We will design your product in a dxf file and make the cuts.  The advantage of the waterier is its precise cutting accuracy and repeatability. Linear Positional Accuracy*‡0.003″ (=0.076 mm)Repeatability*‡0.001″ (#0.025 mm).

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