Custom Tin Work

Powerful custom tin work is the need of the hour for every race car. If you wish to reach new heights in your racing career, trust Red Eye Racecars’ teamwork. Our impressive finishing products have astounding effects on the race tracks!

To revamp your special race car and make it one-of-a-kind in the drag racing track, get custom tin work done by racing car experts at Red Eye Racecars.

Every racing circuit relies on diverse kinds of metals, including titanium, and steel. We have remodeled several race cars in the past few years with custom metal work, and have given outstanding carbon fiber, aluminum, or combination work of materials. Get exclusive skin for your car interiors and enjoy the racing in a whole new way. From full interior to single panel replacement, receive work that meets the demands.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is an elementary method used in manufacturing strong interiors for racing cars.

It is the process of turning flat metal sheets, especially made of aluminum or steel, into hardy structures by assembling, bending, folding, punching, stretching, and cutting them.

Race car sheet metal fabrication requires specific tools along with expertise such as chop saws, band saws, and cutting torches. A key step of the custom metal fabrication process is welding. Our adept race car manufacturers use the most appropriate technique of welding to avoid damage or warping of the sheet.

Sheet Metal Fabrication: How Does It Work?

While sheet metal fabrication is about giving the metal a perfect shape, there are two primary ways to do it- cutting and reforming.

The basic sheet metal fabrication process requires two vital things i.e. a flat metal sheet and a blueprint. The latter gives all the useful information on how to cut the race car aluminum sheet metal, form a structure, and apply finish to the base material.

According to the type of your race car, you either need a single bend to turn the custom sheet metal into an angle iron or use laser cut for bending at the edges and creating structures like enclosure panels.

When we need to do both processes for your race car’s metal work, we first cut the metal and form the structure. Then, we finish them and join the parts.

Assured Benefits Of Sheet Metal Fabrication For Race Car Custom Tin Work

Sheet metal fabrication lets our experts handcraft a terrific race car because of its amazing benefits. Check them out!

  • Helps to produce a quality prototype

Metal sheet fabrication helps to create prototype parts in the fastest time and with great precision. It is the key to getting a bespoke or finely customized part. If the prototype design doesn’t fit well, you can get the final product adjusted.

This ensures that the tailor-made metal work is versatile, adjustable, as well as affordable.

  • Multiple cost-effective techniques and materials

With diverse cost-effective techniques available for sheet metal fabrication, it is easier for race car manufacturers to fabricate complex parts, bend or cut flat sheets, and add notches and holes, whenever required.

Also, the sheets are available in compatible materials including aluminum and steel, which give them greater ability to withstand extreme heat, electrical conduction, or corrosion. They are hence appropriate for a wide range of applications in race car interiors.

  • Greater strength-to-weight ratio

Since sheet metal has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s most suitable for building lightweight parts. Furthermore, when bends are added to the metal sheet, it raises the metal strength significantly, leading to stiffness in the axes. The application of finish also makes the sheet metal resistant to corrosion, dents, and scratches.

Challenges of Sheet Metal Fabrication

While metal sheet fabrication is an ideal method for custom tin work for race cars, it also comes with certain limitations. Here are they:

  • Capability restrictions

Each of the multiple techniques of metal sheet fabrication comes with a limitation. It is technically not possible to combine two or more techniques to build a part or parts faster. It takes longer time than usual, which becomes a challenge to the manufacturer.

For instance, a laser cutter cannot be used for making tiny holes for which you need to include the drilling and punching process, which makes the process time-consuming.

  • Need for more capital

There are a few difficult processes included in sheet metal fabrication such as roll forming that needs specialized equipment and tools which are pricey. Thus, going for custom tin work can be costly for you if you are not manufacturing a lot of parts together.

  • Higher labor costs

Some of the fabrication processes also require more manual labor which eventually raises the cost per part. If you need multiple parts to be manufactured, you may end up spending a lot.

  • Bending designs are complex and difficult

Bending is necessary for the fabrication process to create 3D parts from the race car tin or metal sheets. However, the process becomes complicated due to trial-and-error aspects or specifications needed in the design cycle.

Delivering the Best Custom Tin Work for You

Those who have held a torch may understand the complexity, prescience, and accuracy needed to construct a car with proper race car interior sheet metal. This kind of high-performing application necessitates a fabricator with the dexterity to shape accurate sheet metal components and work to extremely tight tolerances, in addition to the ability to produce bulletproof welds.

For all kinds of specialized custom tin work needs, we offer uniquely styled sheet metal fabrication. Our company delivers a broad selection of custom metal work for race cars in a wide range of standards. We also take care of the race car’s interior with the drag car interior sheet metal. We guarantee that the parts fitted following the requirements provided by our customers are ready on time.

To effectively fulfill each client’s unique requirements for any tin work, we can also provide competitive race car sheet metal fabrication services; thanks to our wealth of industry knowledge. Red Eye Racecars provides these services following the established industry standards while using the most contemporary technology.

Client’s Come First

From junkyard to the race track, Red Eye Racecars delivers custom-made race cars with high-end metal sheet fabrication. The respected clients get a variety of race car tin work through us, and our trusted team ensures that they get the best for the upcoming matches. There will be no compromise on the custom tin work for race cars.

Every project highlights our commitment and ability to craftsmanship. We take great pride in creating a project that delivers on time and is cost-effective so that you have a great game of car racing. Call us for any inquiry, and we will get back to you immediately. Above all, your needs are our top priority.

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